Nurses in France

A new day begins, in the beautiful Paris, it is a morning with very little light, but if it is very cold, the day looks sad and it seems that the sun does not want to give its light. It is heard the bustle of people who are rushing to the market in order to open their businesses, new tourists are seen, who risk walking in the suburbs of the city, it can also be heard the sound of vehicles, it’s annoying! However, it serves as an alarm for those who have to get up early and go to work. This is the case of Claire de Mericourt, a nurse by profession, who puts on her white suit, covered with a black fur vest and a blue scarf on her neck, yellow earrings on her ears, there is no time for makeup, it is late and Claire cannot afford herself to get late at her work at the Hospital Hotel-Dieu, located on the left of Ile de la Cite. Near the beautiful cathedral of Notre Dame.

Claire has been working as a nurse for many years at the Dieu Hospital from Paris. She has worked in this hospital since she was very young, first, her mother worked there, Claire learned the profession from her mother, later she attended a nursery school to have a license to work, throughout her life, Claire has helped to countless people of all kinds, especially from the suburbs, who sought public benefit, like her mother, Claire has aged between the walls of the hospital, old walls full of medieval and contemporary stories, but She never wanted to change hospitals, because she feels it as if she were at home. There she met her husband, a soldier who died in at the end of World War II, she had no children, and never remarried, because she preferred to devote himself completely to helping others through her profession.

Once in the hospital, small conversations between nurses and doctors are inevitable, there is a lot to tell, experiences to share, sometimes there are tears, but also a lot of laughter, which went out, like the old oil lamps that were used in the hospital. They talk about the sick people, the deceased, the diseases and their possible cures, about the good doctors and nurses, suddenly a nurse says. ” The greatest commitment that a nurse can have is to commit to helping the sick, a commitment which the greatest reward is the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference in life of your neighbor ” and this commitment will pass from generation to generation, regardless of the fact that in the future, the care for patients will be more modern, practical and efficient, nurses will always be committed to the practice of taking care of patients lives, of their loved ones and patients.

Claire and her friends- Pauline Leon and Jean Theophile, also nurses. They have understood that patients are not only the patient of the bed number… with the sick… they are also people who have a name, an identity, a life to live, and therefore a story to tell. And when the nurses know that, the treatment of the patient will be of better quality, because the nurses should not treat their patients, but to know them a little more, Claire has long been in charge of monitoring and taking care of the patients in intensive care, there are few visits in the intensive care area that is why Claire talks and gives the best treatment to these patients. Pauline is responsible for taking care of the children, she likes to be surrounded by children because she says that they are the new sun that will illuminate France and without them, the future of France will be ruined, so she does the best she can do it is to help them. One day, Pauline was infected with fever after giving medicine to a child who had the same disease, she had to be hospitalized for two days when she recovered she was sent home with her due treatment. and Jean is responsible for taking care of pregnant women at the hospital. Anyway, whatever the responsibility a nurse is, the important thing is to do a good job, take care that the patient is in the correct position, with clean sheets and that he takes his treatment on time. That is why taking care of a sick person is a profession which nurses need a lot of patience, love, and respect for life.

One day, Jean was attending a delivery together with Dr. Dimitri, she was in charge of assisting him with the necessary tools to attend the delivery. The pregnant woman had the AIDS virus, and could not have her son naturally, so they had to perform a cesarean, during the procedure Jean dropped the scalpel with blood, causing a small wound in one of her legs, due to this she had to be doing exams every six months, to make sure she did not acquire the AIDS virus. The work of the nurses is really praiseworthy, they risk their lives, in order to see the sick well.

Nurses have a job that, in the past as well as in the present and the future will continue to have many risks, but the commitment will be the same—take care of lives! Nowadays, Claire and her friends have learned new medical procedures, use new instruments, modern medicines that were not used at the beginning of their careers, and contribute with their experiences to the strengthening and training of new nurses, in this way they transmit knowledge from generation to generation, but also new diseases have emerged over time, some easy to cure but others Ihard to medicate, forcing the isolation of the patient from their social environment and other patients, therefore all nurses and doctors are aware of this, that is why a constant  of nurses training is needed for nurses and doctors.

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